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Quality appliance made from the best materials for reliable food lovers.

Kebabchef kebab making machine, also called manual kebab machine, is also a very easy-to-operate kebab machine.
About Us
Kebapchef founded in 2013, It Apparatus is committed to developing kitchen appliances, and in 2017 it strengthened its activities in the field of industrial kitchen appliances structure and layout. The company's equipment has taken rapid steps to become a global brand that performs well in the short term. And spread the global reputation of Turkish barbecue in the field of industrial kitchens.

Special colors

Stylish kebab making apparatus that adapts to your kitchen with its different colors.

Best price


Kebapchef kebab maker is more than just a kebab maker. It’s the perfect tool for anyone who likes to cook, grill, charbroil, and barbecue every day of the week. In the link of an eye, it turns any mixture of ground meat, spices, and vegetables into the perfect kebab in just a few seconds. The kebab machine price is suitable for everyone.

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Enjoy our specially prepared kebab maker for you

Dont miss out Summer discount

It's summer and it's time to make kebabs

Now, with the summer season, it's time to make kebabs in picnic areas. Kebapchef kebab making apparatus, which saves time in preparing the kebab, will come to your aid.

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How to use

Kitchen tool

Simple way kebab preparation tool

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What our clients have to say

I recommend that the apparatus is easy to use and useful at home and in the workplace.


In my years of experience, I have never seen such an easy-to-use and practical tool.

-Omer Hasan

This tool is a must when I go on a picnic. It helps a lot when I want to make kebab.

-Kadir Usta

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